“All right,Tell me,What happened。”
Men always want to solve problems,So Qin Feng asked when the other party finally calmed down.。
Speaking of this,Yang Xi was so wronged that he pouted,I want to cry again。
At this time, Qin Feng directly held Yang Xi’s cheek with both hands,“Big brother,Don’t cry。Talk about business!”
Yang Xi was made fun of by Qin Feng’s amusement,There is less sadness in my heart,Then she said,“I was fired!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Nine fair?
Qin Feng was stunned for a long time when he heard these words。
“That is why ah?You seem to have done nothing wrong?”Qin Feng looked puzzled。
Then Yang Xi still feels wronged,“The workplace is like this!Even if you report someone for the benefit of the company。Maybe this way you think you did the right thing。But I can’t keep you inside the company,To know,Everyone has more or less their own secrets。
And this time,Because the crew was sent in alone。Of course they don’t want me to stay here。They will think this woman is a disaster。Look at how many confidantes of emperors in history are confidantesbī)dead!But a woman,What harm can it cause to Jiangshan Sheji??”
Yang Xi is also an erudite,So it’s the same for reason。
Qin Feng nodded in agreement,“You are one of the few women who can make sense。”
“what do you mean!”After saying this, Yang Xi sighed again,“Forget it,Don’t be a stewardess。Alas, I didn’t expect this world to be so dark。”
Yang Xi is talking from the heart,After she knew that she was fired from this airline, she knew she had no future。
At least in the airline,Other companies probably won’t invite her。
So the more she thinks about it, the more sad she gets,This was howling in the toilet of the airport company。I can’t help it!