Lao Sun tells everyone:“Real Zioka Yu,Rarely traded,It’s hard to find a trace in the auction market,What everyone sees,Often imitated by the Qing Dynasty,Even so,A little jade,Can also shoot hundreds of thousands,Millions of prices。
therefore,You have to ask how much a genuine piece of Lu Zigang is worth,Few people can answer you。”
Wen Wenhao couldn’t help but sigh:“The Ming Dynasty is really a dynasty with highly developed art,unfortunately,A lot of craftsmanship has not been passed down。”
Like Lu Zigang’s carving、Like the sweet white glazed porcelain mentioned earlier、Xuande furnace、Yongle ceremony and more,It’s all the pinnacle of art,Has been imitated,Never surpassed!Too awesome。
This word,Get everyone’s approval right away。
Even the audience in the live broadcast room,They don’t know much about antiques,But those who have watched Hu’s live broadcast,You can often see the fine art of Ming Dynasty。
The funny thing is,Qing Dynasty always wanted to imitate,But can’t do anything。
noon,Lao Sun treats,Everyone had a meal,Then send away old grandson。
Subsequently,Populus began to give everyone money。Simultaneously,Also refer to the opinions of the audience in the live broadcast room,Prepare to donate 1.5 million yuan to a nursing home in Hangzhou。
This makes the audience in the live room very happy,Because of this charity,They also participated。
Especially Hu Ge,Low-key good deeds,Let them appreciate。Unlike some stars,Donate tens of thousands,And ask a bunch of media to help them promote,Make the world known,It seems to have done something great。
Populus and his party,Really low-key,Go secretly,I went to the nursing home first。