How can the elderly help relieve fatigue?

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Then the elderly feel nervous and fatigue, how should it be relieved. Abdominal breathing Abdominal breathing can effectively regulate the tension of the body, make the body more relaxed, and when you feel the body is tired, you can try abdominal breathing regulation.

Specific practice: put your right hand on the belly button and your left hand on the abdomen.

When inhaling, expand the geographical expansion and expansion, and keep the top.

When exhaling, contract the inward contraction of the abdomen, the humerus remains intact; when the acupuncture points feel very tired, you can massage some acupuncture points that raise your heart and calm your nerves.

For example, massage Neiguan points can improve heart anxiety, Tai Chong points can improve depression, and Sanyinjiao can relax the body.

  Amino acid beverage old-age anti-fatigue amino acid beverage contains eight kinds of essential amino acids, which can replace the toxic substances in the human body with amino acids in vitro, which can replace the radiation and pollution caused by pollution; and eliminate the metabolites of the body after exercise.It promotes the recovery of the body, muscles and spirits, helps the body to improve physical fitness; pure natural formula, no need to worry about the body and spirit.

It can reduce the effects of fatigue and decompression.

  Meditation for ten minutes during the lunch break Meditation is a kind of spiritual self-discipline that consciously stops all external activities and reaches the realm of forgetting.

Find a quiet place, enter the state of meditation, slow down the muscles, cells and blood circulation of the whole body, and the whole body will be greatly relaxed.

  A good night’s sleep and plenty of sleep are a good way to relieve fatigue.

  Relieving fatigue foods Beans iron is the main medium for generating human energy, and it is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to human organs and muscles.

Therefore, if the body lacks iron, it will lead to anemia, making people feel dizzy and weak.

Regularly eat some red beans, black beans or soybeans, can supplement the role of iron, and can effectively improve the degree of fatigue, powerless state.

  Fruit and vegetable fatigue are caused by the acidity of the environment. Eat more fruits, vegetables and other alkaline foods can neutralize the acidic environment, reduce the acidity of blood muscles, increase tolerance, and eliminate fatigue.

A multivitamin that replenishes the brain’s normal work needs.

  The above methods are the methods for the elderly to relieve fatigue, and hope to help the elderly.