Zhu Ruzhi barely squeezed a smile at Xiang Chen。
“Xiang Chen!That is Yaoyao’s brother,You can help!”
Xiangyang, who has been eavesdropping for a long time, also spontaneously stand up,Become a lobbyist。
Under the gaze of Zhu Ruzhi and Zhu Guosheng,Xiang Chen said in a definite way。
Xiangyang standing upstairs was a little expectant,After hearing Xiang Chen’s anger,,Stomped his foot angrily,Then came the sound of slamming the door。
“Two,I’m talking to you guys,Are you still going to stay for dinner??”
The dialogue between Xiang Chen and Xiangyang father and daughter made Zhu Ruzhi and Zhu Guosheng a little embarrassed,It’s just that the father and son didn’t think about it,An even more embarrassing chase,I was thrown out stiffly by Xiang Chen like this。
Speechless,Now that Xiang Chen’s order to chase away guests has been so tough,I really don’t have to stay anymore,Besides, it has been determined that this matter has little to do with Xiang Chen,Can indeed go。
“Do you say he will help us?”
Out of Xiangchen’s apartment,Zhu Ruzhi turned his head and asked Zhu Guosheng。
“Did he not refuse??”
Zhu Guosheng asked his father back,Both smiled。
“go!Go to Xiao’s house again,Opponent this thing,To exclude one by one!”
Zhu Ruzhi sighed,It also temporarily suppressed the sadness in my heart。