Simple stovepipe massage, radish legs, goodbye

The shank is thick, and only the beauty mm can sigh at the short skirt and shorts.

Can you only wear long pants all year round?

Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to massage your skinny legs quickly, so that you can wear a mini skirt and be a beautiful queen.

  Simple stovepipe massage method: Each time you massage the calf for 10 minutes, you can exert 500 attack power.

  Each time you massage your calf for 20 minutes, you can gain 1000 attack power.

  Each time you massage your calf for 30 minutes, you can use 1500 attack power.

  (The time referred to here means that the left and right legs are massaged for 10 minutes each time to count the amount of 10 minutes.

Auxiliary supplies: 1, general lotion (baby lotion, body lotion) 2, put on stockings (effect equal to the general lotion) 3, calf cream (with slimming effect) effect: 1, promote lymphatic drainage, eliminate excess water and wasteImprove edema-type radish legs.

  2, soften the calf muscles and improve the muscle type radish legs.

  3, massage the calf for 10 minutes every day, at least one month can be thin.

5 cm.

Massage the calf for 30 minutes every day, the calf can be reduced by half.

  4, the best massage within 10 minutes after bathing.

At this time, the blood circulation of the calf is the best. You can take the opportunity to stay in the steam-filled bathroom. Dry the calf with a towel and then apply a calf cream or lotion for 10 minutes to accelerate the absorption of the cream and lymphatic detoxification.