Anti-flu board blue roots do not mess with

In recent years, some doctors have not used dialectical and applied Banlangen. It is very common for people to blindly repeat Banlangen. Especially in the current season when the common cold is increasing, Banlangen and its proprietary Chinese medicine preparations are more popular. Many people are against colds., long-term boiled water with Banlangen, too many parents rushed for the children every day for the Banlangen granules (granules), for children to drink tea.

There are too many people, one with a cold, nasal congestion, headache, brain heat and other symptoms, regardless of physical and mental reality, regardless of the wind and cold, the best choice is Banlangen Chinese medicine preparations.

  The reason for the abuse of Banlangen without dialectical is that the people are ignorant of traditional Chinese medicine. Most patients do not understand the dangers of misuse of cold medicine. It is convenient to take a cold map, see instructions or hear the instructions to buy and take it at will; second, some manufacturers, the media misleadThird, some doctors have narrowed down the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, and will only misuse drugs according to the so-called Western medicine thinking that Banlangen has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

The phenomenon of misuse of Banlangen in such a dialectical manner is urgently needed to cause us to know.

  Banlangen is the root of the cruciferous herb indigo or grass Daqing, or the root of the horse blue of the genus Eucalyptus, tastes bitter and salty, and has a great coldness. It has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxifying, and can only distinguish the wind and heat on the voucher.The hot poisonous sputum caused a cold, big head lice (Yanmian erysipelas), sputum (epidemic mumps) and heat toxic rash and other syndromes, see high fever, face red, headache, nasal jaundice, pharyngeal redness and painWhen you are upset, thirsty, sore throat, yellow tongue and other symptoms, you must use it with caution. These syndromes are basically positive for Yangmingli.The evil of wind and cold is generally in the skin of the fur, and it is incorporated into the syndrome of heat and heat poisoning. The treatment should be the first choice for Xinwen solution, such as repeated coldness, one is bitter cold and the sun is damaged, the second is the evil spirit.Depth, aggravating the condition.

Especially for children with colds, if the child is weak or not, the card is cold and hot and blindly given the drug, it will damage the child’s righteousness, reduce immunity, but also cause children to develop indigestion, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and other symptoms, childrenOriginally, the yang is tender, the spleen and stomach are weak, and abuse and misuse can easily cause injury.

  The granules (granules) and injections made from Banlangen have antiviral and antibacterial effects through modern pharmacological research, but the application of traditional Chinese medicines is still in accordance with the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

This medicine is not able to prevent colds. It is a three-point drug. The bitter cold medicine is more biased. When there is no disease, can you take a heavier drug to artificially disturb the balance of yin and yang of the body?

  Banlangen is bitter and cold, more clothes, often serving or mistaking the most vulnerable to the body’s yang (righteous, that is, immune resistance), and easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, it has been reported that infection with radix can cause upper gastrointestinal bleeding, hematopoiesisDysfunction, erythematous drug eruption throughout the body and even anaphylactic shock and other adverse reactions.

  In summary, Banlangen has a certain effect on the treatment of wind-heat and cold, but it is not suitable for colds, body weakness and other types of colds. Therefore, the application of Banlangen must be dialectical, especially when people are not sick.Prophylactically taking Banlangen, an allergic person, take Banlangen more carefully.

Suffering from colds and flu, if you need to apply Banlangen and its proprietary Chinese medicine preparations, you must find TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment.