How to choose chrysanthemum variety and drink chrysanthemum tea

Many people are used to drinking chrysanthemum tea in the summer because it can clear fire, eyesight, and radiation resistance, and chrysanthemum tea is also a common drink in various restaurants.

Although they are called chrysanthemum tea, the varieties on the surface of the city are dazzling: white petals, yellow hearts, yellow petals, white petals and white hearts.

The names are also different: Hangju, Gongju, Qiju, Wild Chrysanthemum. What should I choose?

  The fire-fighting daisy is also known as “white chrysanthemum” and “chamomile”, which is the closest kind of petals in chrysanthemum.

Its golden flower and petal crystal white are known as the “golden five-petal”.

The effect of removing the wind and heat from the chrysanthemum is the strongest.

If you have dry throat, hair faint and other hot cold symptoms, drink some chrysanthemum can ease.

  Mingmu used Gongju Gongju also known as “Huangshan Gongju”, which was given to the emperor as a tribute in ancient times, hence the name “Gongju”.

The tribute flowers are white and tidy green.

The brewing time is long, and even the tea soup will turn green.

The coldness of Gongju is moderated and some, the function of clearing the liver and improving eyesight is more prominent.

Gongju tea and some sputum, is the eye protection of the computer family.

  The crystal is a mixture of Hang Chrysanthemum and Chrysanthemum. It is divided into two kinds of Chrysanthemum and Chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum tastes more sweet.

With the Gongju index, Hangju’s dark flower core is more obvious, and the petals are easily replaced after soaking.

Hangju clearing heat and pharyngeal effect is the strongest, when the throat is swollen, drink Hangju best.

  The anti-inflammatory wild chrysanthemum is proportional to the above several chrysanthemums. The flowers of the wild chrysanthemums are smaller and yellower, the flower shape is not very good, and the bitter cold is heavier.

Wild chrysanthemum detoxification has the strongest effect on clearing away heat and swelling, and it is effective in relieving sore, toothache and bad breath. Now the research has found that wild chrysanthemum has a strong anti-cancer effect.

However, under normal circumstances, do not drink wild chrysanthemum, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach yang, causing stomach discomfort, bowel, bowel movements and other adverse reactions.

  Reminder: No matter which kind of chrysanthemum tea is used, it is continuously repeated continuously, generally 3?
5 days.

People with cold constitution should put some sputum when drinking chrysanthemum tea, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency should drink less.