“Where’s your family?”
Qin Feng sitting on the sofa in the living room,It’s late at night,Lin Yurou introduced her cousin to Qin Feng,Xiao Zishan。
“I have no family。”
Lin Yurou couldn’t help being silent when she heard Qin Feng’s question,Qin Feng pursed his mouth guiltily。
“Are you hungry,I’ll make you some supper。”
Lin Yurou’s sudden request is really accurate,Qin Feng is indeed a little hungry,After all, I haven’t eaten dinner yet。
“Then trouble you。”
(End of this chapter)
Chapter 814 Cause misunderstanding
In fact, Qin Feng can totally refuse,But I don’t know why at this moment Qin Feng just wants to taste the taste of the midnight snack cooked by this little loli beauty。
A series of sounds came from the kitchen,Qin Feng is looking forward to it,Simply leaned back on the sofa。
“Hey,Qin Feng,Don’t despise me,I’m just not tall,And the tone is easy to cause misunderstanding。”
Lin Yurou’s voice came from the kitchen,The clean sound made Qin Feng feel relaxed and happy。