No matter who this kind of thing is,That’s impossible。
Gao Hao has also felt Qin Feng’s ambition suddenly burst out,His expression is a bit helpless:“May I discuss with Yunfeng leader?”
“Naturally。”Qin Feng knew,This matter is not a small situation,This may involve too many people’s interests。
Because it really needs to follow Qin Feng’s plan,Either it broke out completely locally,Either completely sinking。
No matter what the situation,That’s all very complicated。
Yunfeng also understands Gao Hao’s mind,He went directly to the next room with Gao Hao。
“Cough,This thing,I also said directly,What happened to him just now,We all saw,Do you think we should support?”Gao Hao’s smoking hands are shaking,He is really nervous。
“This is not whether we should support,It’s whether we can stop it?”Yunfeng said a profound sentence。
You know sometimes,No support is equal to opposition。
In the current situation,If Qin Feng really has such a big deal,Even if they want to oppose,It’s all likely to be adjusted。
It can be said,Except that the local economy is all maintained by Qin Feng,It seems that there is not much situation。
But this pair of leaders will dominate here in the future,That is very troublesome。
“Yes,Is it possible?”Gao Hao is also somewhat helpless,Then he sighed and said:“This one thing is like this,We can only support silently。
If I knew his big thoughts,I really dare not let my son by his side。
Yunfeng understands Gao Hao’s mind,But it’s done,Can I go back??