Lu Menglin stared at this mysterious woman who had only a few sides with him,Can’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly:“What the hell are you?”
Because the white skirt girl who appeared in the sea of knowledge of the ancient pan evil gods,Is in the core circle,The mysterious woman who appeared as a representative of the inner circle。
When Lu Menglin saw her for the first time,,Is in the deepest part of the red zone,Less than ten miles away from the body of the ancient pan evil god。
And the second meeting,Is on the big fish in the core circle,This girl who calls herself a glacier,Support Wu Hao,I hope Wu Hao will become the commander of this plane,Leading 6 million Terrans to attack the red zone,Unfortunately, Lu Menglin feels wrong,Did not promise。
Meet for the third time,But within the sea of knowledge of the ancient pan evil god,Is it,She is the ancient pan evil god?
Lu Menglin quickly denied this idea,Because this woman named Binghe,She does not have the characteristics of the dark race,What is used in the body is not space energy。
“What am I?It’s really that important?Wuhao,Actually you are just like me,Are all extraordinary beings that have surpassed the lower life forms,We can cooperate。”The girl in white Binghe said with a smile。
Several bold thoughts flashed through Lu Menglin’s mind,Suddenly sneered:“Work with you?Just like the ancient pan evil god?To be played around by you?”
“Hee hee!You are really smart!I can guess that Gupan and I are a cooperative relationship!You want to go back there,right?I also want to go to your world to take a look,Why don’t we cooperate!You helped me get the body of the ancient plate,I will accompany you there as it,Can you be an undercover agent??”
The girl in white skirt Binghe paused on purpose,Smiled:“You are really strange。when starting,I thought you were a god race against Gupan,But you are not,And you have human blood,But it is a hundred times stronger than the human individual,And your divine consciousness is stronger than I thought,You are qualified to be my partner,Let’s conquer the world over there together,good or not?”
Lu Menglin was silent for a moment,Said:“You can form an alliance with me,At least you have to let me know,who are you,What did you do。Then I can consider if I want to be with you。”
“No problem at all!What i did,Ninety percent is in your interest。I can tell you all!”Glacier Road with a smile。