Zhang Meng is better than I thought,More calm!
She directly made a will,If dies,All the shares of Gaoda Group are presented to me。
I also made a will,If i die,Give it all to Takayama!
But after we both made a will,I think there is still a loophole,If someone really wants us to seek property,There is great uncertainty in this matter。
So we made a stricter will,I can guarantee that if we all have trouble,Gaoda Group’s shares will be controlled by the overseas wife’s trust company,You can inherit this inheritance after Takayama is eighteen.。
If something happened to Gaoshan,In addition to the money left for the old man and the old lady,All assets of Gundam Group,Will be donated to Project Hope for free,For charity!
Thus,Even if a powerful character kills us,I can’t get any farts!
In order to be able to give up on the possible behind the scenes,At the press conference held by Gaoda Group,In addition to announcing a new shareholding ratio,Also announced the wills of Zhang Meng, me and Mrs. Gao。
In order to realize the validity of this will,Mrs. Gao controls 20% of Gaoshan’s shares!
The reporters at the scene asked me many questions,I answered them one by one。
“President Ge,Do you think Mr. Gao Qiang’s death was an accident??”A female reporter asked。
“I think this is too unexpected,Unexpectedly incredible,But it’s too tight。”
I sighed:“So we are all inclined that this is not an accident,The purpose of making a will is to prevent us from having accidents,Someone will find a way to control Gaoda Group。So we would rather give these assets to Project Hope in the future,And will never leave it to those conspirators!”
Another reporter asked me,If there is no such accident,Will Gaoda Group Donate to Project Hope??
I took out my phone to show some charity work done by Gaoda Group in the past six months,There are 10 Hope Primary Schools alone,Also sponsored thousands of poor students to continue their studies!