He made up his mind,The opponent’s blood is high and thick,But speed is limited by body size,Definitely not as good as myself,So all he has to do is to find the weakness of the opponent,End this battle with Gang Jin。
Followed by,The boxer shook his body slightly and reached the back of the little giant’s body,Kicked out his legs and attacked his waist,Actually want to make a fake shot,Needle in the haystack,Hit the opponent’s lower body。
I don’t know that Little Giant doesn’t care about any false moves,Completely ignores the opponent kicking to his waist,But to slap,Hula slaps the boxer with a palm。
This palm is the size of a small pu fan,Five fingers are like five carrots,Come from the air。
Boxing tyrant heard this oncoming wind,Suddenly did not dare to hardwire,Flick under the foot,Very cleverly jumped to the opponent’s back。
He is very particular about this jump,It is the raccoon step in boxing,Specially restrained tall opponents。
Seeing the opponent’s back,Don’t miss the opportunity,Fighter decisively,A punch hit the little giant’s spine。
Although the opponent’s spine is covered by layers of fat,But that position is the key to the human body after all,Just be penetrated by Gang Jin,Gods can’t save。
So Boxing Fighter did not hesitate to explode his strength,Fist with strength,Steadily blasted on the back of the little giant。
Bo!Only heard a soft sound,Everyone saw that one third of Boxer’s arms were inserted into the little giant’s back,Suddenly there was a panic。
Sure enough to be a fighter,This punch is so domineering,It’s almost like an iron gun,Easily penetrated the body,Penetrating damage,No amount of fat can stop it!
But next,Everyone present saw that the face of the fighter is obviously wrong。

Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Seven Can win