Also because of this,After Chen Geng showed his willingness to rethink this matter,“Strike while the iron is hot”It became a further instruction from the top,When it’s not suitable to talk to Chen Geng for the time being,,How to talk to Chen Geng“Connect feelings”Has become a very test of the leadership’s ability to work,The deputy mayor Jia Yumin is obviously one of the best……
“This one……Not suitable?”Hold back the heartbeat,Chen Geng looked at the map in front of him and hesitated。
“What’s wrong with this,Mr. Chen is willing to buy real estate in the capital,This is trust in us,”Jia Yumin smiled heartily:“These courtyards on the map are all three or more entrances,Can’t compare with Mr. Chen’s manor,But not a monument,You are willing to rehabilitate the original courtyard house,You can also build a villa according to your own wishes,Do what you want。”
Consider from the perspective of city leaders,As long as Chen Geng is willing to buy real estate in the capital,It means that this incident is basically over,I’m afraid that Chen Geng is unwilling to ask for a house,This shows that Chen Geng still has a grudge in his heart,This is too bad。
I can push the courtyard house according to my wishes?
Chen Geng’s eyes are a bit straight:These courtyards on the map,Not even one place or two,Sanjin,There are two other places,In terms of area,The area of these courtyards is less than two mu,The area of the four-in courtyard courtyard even reached an astonishing six acres!
Chen Geng thinks that this time is special,Otherwise, a foreigner wants to own a private house covering an area of more than six acres in the first ring of the capital?Don’t even think about it。
As for whether these seven or eight courtyards are really not historic sites or listed cultural relic units as Jia Yumin said.,This ghost knows。
“So……”Chen Geng touched his chin,He couldn’t help his heart。
Can’t help me!
“Yes,”Jia Yumin, who was originally worried about whether this gift can impress Chen Geng,I found that Chen Geng was actually interested in this courtyard house,I was excited immediately,He waved his hand:“As long as you like,You can choose two more places。”
“It’s not necessary to choose two more places,”Chen Geng waved his hand,But thinking of this time, the courtyard in the capital is almost full of people,He hesitated:“This one……There are residents in these courtyards, right??Gave me the house,What about these original residents?”
Jia Yumin did not expect that Chen Geng was the first to consider the resettlement of the original households.,Can’t help but froze。
First491chapter Big discussion
After the initial shock,Jia Yumin said casually:“This is simple,You don’t have to worry about it,We will definitely settle。”
Chen Geng shook his head slightly:“The living conditions of the leaders in the government are so tight,You said that the city government can coordinate so many houses at once?Tell you,I think it’s really difficult。”
Jia Yumin’s old face suddenly turned red,He was just about to explain to Chen Geng that although the housing conditions in the city are relatively tight,I can still arrange it by any means,Just listen to Chen Geng continue:“And I think,This kind of thing is better for you,Everyone happily vacated the courtyard for me,Better than anything,I don’t want my countrymen to poke my spine in the back。