“I feel at ease with your words!”Xiao Gao thought Chen Wenjin would say that,If you change positions,Xiao Gao believes he will think so too,so。
Finished rice noodles,Xiao Gao overcame the wall and went back to school to study at night。
Determined active learning,Xiao Gao started immediately。
Chen Wenjin’s memory,Xiao Gao and Da Xiong followed the cold wind into the police station,And now,Squatting in the cold wind,Big bear solicits,Xiao Gao actively studies。
Their future,Should be different。
When Chen Wenjin came home,Lord Chen is back。
I haven’t seen Father Chen come home so early for many days,Mother Chen is also sitting there and chatting with Lord Chen。
Seeing Chen Wenjin come back,Master Chen said with a smile:“Let’s go for tea together on Saturday,Your uncle and they are coming too,Let’s get together。”
“Director’s business is finalized?”Chen Wenjin guessed that this is the only thing that deserves Master Chen so happy,Make Chen’s mother especially concerned。
“Officially appointed。”Father Chen is very happy,At the end,Said again:“You have credit for this,I won the lottery several times,To improve the economic situation of our family,Only then did I have the money to send it out to take down the position of director that I deserved。But well,You can’t just mess around,I heard your mom said that I didn’t come home at night many times recently,If you have some money in your hand, just mess around outside,Then we have to consider taking care of the money for you。”
“Should be managed!God bless him to win the lottery sometimes,Who knows I won’t bless one day?He thought the money would last a lifetime?Don’t study well,See how you find a good job in the future!”Mother Chen has obviously discussed with Father Chen。
Chen Wenjin knows that Lord Chen now means warning,What he wants is his guarantee,I don’t actually intend to perform this operation immediately,In other words, the two people’s ideas are not the same。
“Yes,What your mother said makes sense。You better go to a university,In the future, it will be easy to become a regular employee。If only high school,Easy to join the company,It takes more time to become a regular employee,What will happen to the policy in the future,Change anytime,High school may not be able to transfer。”Chen’s father and Chen’s mother have always envisioned Chen Wenjin to join the company,In those days there was a tradition of children entering the company directly。
Chen Wenjin remembered that this policy was gone,How long did he forget?,because——He never considered this idea。Hearing what his parents said about the company since I was young,I feel that the rhythm is very uncomfortable。From morning to night, watch six ears and listen to all directions,Pay attention to every word other people say,Pay attention to every word I say,Staying with the leader diligently during holidays、Colleague friendship,Don’t ask for merit more often,But Qiu will not be put on shoes at a critical moment、Stabbed。
In fact, this is the inevitable rhythm in group life,Also because of this,Chen Wenjin is thinking about the future of home culture will become a trend。Because people can choose to live without observing such group rules,Choose an outlying style house,It’s no surprise。
“dad,I want to discuss something with you。”Chen Wenjin originally planned to find a chance to talk to Master Chen,Since they started the topic first,No need to choose another day。